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Female Baby Names Starting with "Z"

  • Zaafira (Meaning of Zaafira is: Victorious; Successful)
  • Zahbia (Meaning of Zahbia is: Beautiful*)
  • Zahira (Meaning of Zahira is: Shining; Luminous)
  • Zahraa (Meaning of Zahraa is: White)
  • Zahrah (Meaning of Zahrah is: Flower; Beauty; Star)
  • Zaina (Meaning of Zaina is: Beautiful)
  • Zainab (Meaning of Zainab is: Name of Prophet's daughter)
  • Zakiyaa (Meaning of Zakiyaa is: Pure)
  • Zalak (Meaning of Zalak is: Instant appearance)
  • Zankhana (Meaning of Zankhana is: Deep desire)
  • Zara (Meaning of Zara is: Little)
  • Zarna (Meaning of Zarna is: A small stream of sweet water)
  • Zeenat (Meaning of Zeenat is: delicate)
  • Zehba (Meaning of Zehba is: Gold)
  • Zelda (Meaning of Zelda is: The strong jackass)
  • Zenda (Meaning of Zenda is: Beautiful*)
  • Zerah (Meaning of Zerah is: Rising of light*)
  • Zia (Meaning of Zia is: Light)
  • Zoha (Meaning of Zoha is: Morning light)
  • Zoya (Meaning of Zoya is: Shining*)
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