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Female Baby Names Starting with "L"

  • Laalasa (Meaning of Laalasa is: Prayer)
  • Laasya (Meaning of Laasya is: Dance performed by Goddess Parvathi)
  • Laboni (Meaning of Laboni is: Graceful)
  • Labuki (Meaning of Labuki is: Musical instrument)
  • Ladli (Meaning of Ladli is: Loved one)
  • Lagan Lagan (Meaning of Lagan Lagan is: Dedication)
  • Laghuvi (Meaning of Laghuvi is: Tender)
  • Laiba (Meaning of Laiba is: Female of the Haven)
  • Laila (Meaning of Laila is: Dark beauty; Night)
  • Lajita (Meaning of Lajita is: Modest)
  • Lakhi (Meaning of Lakhi is: Goddess Laxmi)
  • Laksha (Meaning of Laksha is: Aim)
  • Lakshaki (Meaning of Lakshaki is: Goddess Sita)
  • Lakshanya (Meaning of Lakshanya is: One who achieves)
  • Lakshita (Meaning of Lakshita is: Distinguished)
  • Lakshmi (Meaning of Lakshmi is: Goddess of Wealth)
  • Lalenthika (Meaning of Lalenthika is: Goddess Lakshmi)
  • Lalita (Meaning of Lalita is: Beautiful Woman)
  • Lama (Meaning of Lama is: Darkness of lips)
  • Lamees (Meaning of Lamees is: Soft to the touch)
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