Baby Names

Female Baby Names Starting with "L"

  • Lipi (Meaning of Lipi is: Manuscripts of God)
  • Lipika (Meaning of Lipika is: Litters; Alphabets)
  • Lisbei (Meaning of Lisbei is: Creative and intelligent girl*)
  • Lola (Meaning of Lola is: Goddess Laxmi)
  • Lolita (Meaning of Lolita is: Ruby)
  • Lopa (Meaning of Lopa is: Learned)
  • Luba (Meaning of Luba is: Lover)
  • Lulu (Meaning of Lulu is: Pearl)
  • Lydia (Meaning of Lydia is: Happiness*)
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Male Baby Names by Letter

Female Baby Names by Letter

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