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Female Baby Names Starting with "L"

  • Lamya (Meaning of Lamya is: Dark-lipped)
  • Lani (Meaning of Lani is: Angel from above)
  • Larissa (Meaning of Larissa is: Cheerful)
  • Latika (Meaning of Latika is: Small Creeper)
  • Lavanya (Meaning of Lavanya is: Beauty)
  • Lavenia (Meaning of Lavenia is: Purified)
  • Laxmi (Meaning of Laxmi is: Goddess of Wealth)
  • Leela (Meaning of Leela is: Divine drama)
  • Leena (Meaning of Leena is: A devoted one)
  • Leeya (Meaning of Leeya is: To take)
  • Lehar (Meaning of Lehar is: Waves)
  • Leila (Meaning of Leila is: Dark as night)
  • Lekha (Meaning of Lekha is: Writing)
  • Lekisha (Meaning of Lekisha is: Life)
  • Leora (Meaning of Leora is: Light)
  • Likhitha (Meaning of Likhitha is: Writing)
  • Lilavati (Meaning of Lilavati is: God's will*)
  • Lili (Meaning of Lili is: German diminutive of Elizabeth)
  • Lillian (Meaning of Lillian is: Lily)
  • Lindi (Meaning of Lindi is: Pretty)
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Female Baby Names by Letter

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