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Female Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Saabira (Meaning of Saabira is: Patient)
  • Saachee (Meaning of Saachee is: Beloved)
  • Saaliha (Meaning of Saaliha is: Good; Useful)
  • Saalima (Meaning of Saalima is: Safe; Healthy)
  • Saanjh (Meaning of Saanjh is: Evening)
  • Saanvi (Meaning of Saanvi is: Goddess Lakshmi)
  • Saashi (Meaning of Saashi is: Moon)
  • Saba (Meaning of Saba is: Early morning breeze)
  • Sabeena (Meaning of Sabeena is: Beautiful*)
  • Sabiha (Meaning of Sabiha is: Beautiful)
  • Sabina Sabri (Meaning of Sabina Sabri is: Lord Ram's devotees)
  • Sabrina (Meaning of Sabrina is: Princess)
  • Sachi (Meaning of Sachi is: Grace)
  • Sachita (Meaning of Sachita is: Wise)
  • Sadabhuja (Meaning of Sadabhuja is: Goddess Durga)
  • Sadgata (Meaning of Sadgata is: who moves in the right direction)
  • Sadhana (Meaning of Sadhana is: Goddess Durga)
  • Sadhika (Meaning of Sadhika is: Goddess Durga)
  • Sadhna (Meaning of Sadhna is: Worship)
  • Sadhvi (Meaning of Sadhvi is: Courteous)
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