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Female Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Sadhvita (Meaning of Sadhvita is: With great desire and wish)
  • Saesha (Meaning of Saesha is: Combination)
  • Safa (Meaning of Safa is: Clarity; Purity; Serenity)
  • Safiya (Meaning of Safiya is: Untroubled; Serene; Pure; Best friend)
  • Sagarika (Meaning of Sagarika is: Wave)
  • Sagun (Meaning of Sagun is: Auspicious)
  • Sahasra (Meaning of Sahasra is: A new beginning)
  • Saheli (Meaning of Saheli is: Friend*)
  • Saher (Meaning of Saher is: Morning; Subha*)
  • Sahima (Meaning of Sahima is: Snowed)
  • Sahira (Meaning of Sahira is: Mountain)
  • Sahithi (Meaning of Sahithi is: Literature)
  • Sahla (Meaning of Sahla is: Smooth; Soft (ground))
  • Sahna (Meaning of Sahna is: Form; Figure; Complexion)
  • Sahoj (Meaning of Sahoj is: Strong)
  • Saikirana (Meaning of Saikirana is: A beam of light from deity Saibaba)
  • Saima (Meaning of Saima is: Mother of flowers)
  • Sairah (Meaning of Sairah is: Beautiful)
  • Saisha (Meaning of Saisha is: God)
  • Sajani (Meaning of Sajani is: Beloved; Loving; Well loved)
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