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Female Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Sanam (Meaning of Sanam is: When water on flower dries up)
  • Sanatani (Meaning of Sanatani is: Goddess Durga)
  • Sanaya (Meaning of Sanaya is: Eminent; Distinguished)
  • Sanchali (Meaning of Sanchali is: Movement)
  • Sandhya (Meaning of Sandhya is: Dusk; Perfection)
  • Sangeeta (Meaning of Sangeeta is: Musical)
  • Sangeetha (Meaning of Sangeetha is: Music)
  • Sani (Meaning of Sani is: Gift)
  • Sanika (Meaning of Sanika is: Flute)
  • Saniya (Meaning of Saniya is: Wisdom)
  • Sanjana (Meaning of Sanjana is: In Harmony)
  • Sanjaya (Meaning of Sanjaya is: Triumphant)
  • Sanjeevani (Meaning of Sanjeevani is: Immortality)
  • Sanjna (Meaning of Sanjna is: Well known)
  • Sanjoli (Meaning of Sanjoli is: Period of twilight)
  • Sanjula (Meaning of Sanjula is: Beautiful)
  • Sankari (Meaning of Sankari is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Sanoja (Meaning of Sanoja is: Eternal)
  • Sansita (Meaning of Sansita is: Praise)
  • Sanskriti (Meaning of Sanskriti is: Heritage)
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