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Female Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Shaista (Meaning of Shaista is: Well behaved)
  • Shakaya (Meaning of Shakaya is: Voices in the wind)
  • Shakini (Meaning of Shakini is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Shalakha (Meaning of Shalakha is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Shalalu (Meaning of Shalalu is: Perfume)
  • Shalika (Meaning of Shalika is: Flute)
  • Shalini (Meaning of Shalini is: Modest)
  • Shamiana (Meaning of Shamiana is: Tent)
  • Shankari (Meaning of Shankari is: Wife of Lord Shiva)
  • Shansa (Meaning of Shansa is: Praise)
  • Shanta (Meaning of Shanta is: Peaceful; Calm)
  • Shantala (Meaning of Shantala is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Shanti (Meaning of Shanti is: Peace)
  • Sharada (Meaning of Sharada is: Goddess Durga)
  • Sharali (Meaning of Sharali is: Union*)
  • Sharayu (Meaning of Sharayu is: River in Ayodhya)
  • Sharda (Meaning of Sharda is: A Goddess)
  • Shardambha (Meaning of Shardambha is: Goddess Saraswati)
  • Shareefa (Meaning of Shareefa is: Noble)
  • Shari (Meaning of Shari is: Arrow)
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