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Female Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Seerat (Meaning of Seerat is: Pure; Depth in character)
  • Sejal (Meaning of Sejal is: Woman)
  • Semantika (Meaning of Semantika is: Flower)
  • Senorita (Meaning of Senorita is: Sweet)
  • Serena (Meaning of Serena is: Quiet; Calm)
  • Seva (Meaning of Seva is: Worship)
  • Shaadiya (Meaning of Shaadiya is: Singer)
  • Shabana (Meaning of Shabana is: young lady)
  • Shabnam (Meaning of Shabnam is: Dew)
  • Shachi (Meaning of Shachi is: God Indras wife)
  • Shagufta (Meaning of Shagufta is: Flowering)
  • Shagun (Meaning of Shagun is: Auspicious moment)
  • Shaheda (Meaning of Shaheda is: Whitness)
  • Shahnaaz (Meaning of Shahnaaz is: Pride of a King)
  • Shahnas (Meaning of Shahnas is: A tune)
  • Shahnaz (Meaning of Shahnaz is: Pride and bride of the king*)
  • Shahzeela (Meaning of Shahzeela is: Beautiful)
  • Shaila (Meaning of Shaila is: Living in Mountain)
  • Shailaja (Meaning of Shailaja is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Shaili (Meaning of Shaili is: Tradition)
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