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Female Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Sanskruti (Meaning of Sanskruti is: culture)
  • Santoshi (Meaning of Santoshi is: Godess Name)
  • Sanvi (Meaning of Sanvi is: Goddess Laxmi*)
  • Sanya (Meaning of Sanya is: Benevolent; Beneficient)
  • Sanyukta (Meaning of Sanyukta is: Union)
  • Sapna (Meaning of Sapna is: Dream)
  • Sara (Meaning of Sara is: Precious)
  • Sarah (Meaning of Sarah is: Princess)
  • Sarangi (Meaning of Sarangi is: A spotted deo; A ragini)
  • Saraswati (Meaning of Saraswati is: Goddess of learning)
  • Sarayu (Meaning of Sarayu is: Wind)
  • Sargini (Meaning of Sargini is: Composed of parts)
  • Sarika (Meaning of Sarika is: A thing of beauty; Nature)
  • Sarita (Meaning of Sarita is: Goddess Durga; River)
  • Sarjena (Meaning of Sarjena is: Creative)
  • Sarla (Meaning of Sarla is: Straight forward)
  • Saroj (Meaning of Saroj is: Lotus)
  • Sarojini (Meaning of Sarojini is: In the lotus)
  • Saruchi (Meaning of Saruchi is: Wonderful)
  • Sarupa (Meaning of Sarupa is: Beautiful)
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