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Female Baby Names Starting with "T"

  • Taahira (Meaning of Taahira is: Pure; Chaste)
  • Taanusiya (Meaning of Taanusiya is: A great devotee)
  • Tabasumm (Meaning of Tabasumm is: Sweet smile)
  • Talika (Meaning of Talika is: A bird)
  • Talli (Meaning of Talli is: Young)
  • Tallie (Meaning of Tallie is: Heaven's dew)
  • Tamadhur (Meaning of Tamadhur is: Proper name)
  • Tamanna (Meaning of Tamanna is: Wish)
  • Tanay (Meaning of Tanay is: First of all)
  • Tanaya (Meaning of Tanaya is: Daughter)
  • Tanaz (Meaning of Tanaz is: Delicate body)
  • Tanika (Meaning of Tanika is: Rope)
  • Tanirika (Meaning of Tanirika is: A flower)
  • Tanish (Meaning of Tanish is: Ambition)
  • Tanisha (Meaning of Tanisha is: Ambition)
  • Tanishka (Meaning of Tanishka is: Goddess Durga)
  • Tanmaya (Meaning of Tanmaya is: Reincarnated)
  • Tanmayi (Meaning of Tanmayi is: Ecstasy (in sanskrit & telugu))
  • Tansi (Meaning of Tansi is: Beautiful Princess)
  • Tanu (Meaning of Tanu is: Slim)
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