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Female Baby Names Starting with "T"

  • Tridiva (Meaning of Tridiva is: Heaven)
  • Trijagati (Meaning of Trijagati is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Trilochana (Meaning of Trilochana is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Trinity (Meaning of Trinity is: The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit)
  • Tripta (Meaning of Tripta is: Satisfaction)
  • Tripti (Meaning of Tripti is: Satisfaction)
  • Tripura (Meaning of Tripura is: Goddess Durga)
  • Triputa (Meaning of Triputa is: Goddess Durga)
  • Trisha (Meaning of Trisha is: Wish; Desire)
  • Trishulini (Meaning of Trishulini is: Goddess Durga)
  • Triya (Meaning of Triya is: Young girl)
  • Trusha (Meaning of Trusha is: Thirst)
  • Tryphena (Meaning of Tryphena is: Bible name)
  • Tulika (Meaning of Tulika is: A paint brush)
  • Tulsi (Meaning of Tulsi is: Sacred plant)
  • Turanya (Meaning of Turanya is: Swift)
  • Turvi (Meaning of Turvi is: Superior)
  • Tvisha (Meaning of Tvisha is: Bright)
  • Tvishi (Meaning of Tvishi is: Ray of light; Energy; Brilliance)
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