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Female Baby Names Starting with "T"

  • Tanuja (Meaning of Tanuja is: Daughter)
  • Tanusha (Meaning of Tanusha is: A blessing*)
  • Tanushri (Meaning of Tanushri is: Beautiful)
  • Tanvee (Meaning of Tanvee is: Beautiful; Delicate)
  • Tanvi (Meaning of Tanvi is: Beautiful; Goddess Durga)
  • Tanya (Meaning of Tanya is: Of the family)
  • Tanzil (Meaning of Tanzil is: Beautification of paradise)
  • Tapasya (Meaning of Tapasya is: Meditation)
  • Tapi (Meaning of Tapi is: A river)
  • Tara (Meaning of Tara is: Star)
  • Tarai (Meaning of Tarai is: Star)
  • Tarana (Meaning of Tarana is: Composition)
  • Tarani (Meaning of Tarani is: Boat)
  • Tarini (Meaning of Tarini is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Tarita (Meaning of Tarita is: Goddess Durga)
  • Tarjni (Meaning of Tarjni is: Third finger)
  • Tarli (Meaning of Tarli is: Star)
  • Taroob (Meaning of Taroob is: Merry)
  • Taruni (Meaning of Taruni is: Young girl)
  • Tarz (Meaning of Tarz is: Music rythem)
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