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Female Baby Names Starting with "T"

  • Tashvi (Meaning of Tashvi is: Composed; Charming)
  • Teesta (Meaning of Teesta is: A river)
  • Tejal (Meaning of Tejal is: Bright)
  • Tesu (Meaning of Tesu is: A flower name)
  • Teta (Meaning of Teta is: Innocent Beauty)
  • Thanaa (Meaning of Thanaa is: Thankfulness)
  • Tharaa (Meaning of Tharaa is: Wealth)
  • Thuraya (Meaning of Thuraya is: Star)
  • Thushara (Meaning of Thushara is: Name of flower)
  • Tiana (Meaning of Tiana is: Princess)
  • Tiara (Meaning of Tiara is: Royalty jewels)
  • Tiare (Meaning of Tiare is: Auspicious symbol)
  • Tisya (Meaning of Tisya is: Auspicious)
  • Tithi (Meaning of Tithi is: Date)
  • Titiksha (Meaning of Titiksha is: Forgiveness)
  • Tiya (Meaning of Tiya is: A bird)
  • Toshani (Meaning of Toshani is: Goddess Durga)
  • Toya (Meaning of Toya is: Water)
  • Trayi (Meaning of Trayi is: Intellect)
  • Treya (Meaning of Treya is: One who walks on three paths)
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Female Baby Names by Letter

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