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Female Baby Names Starting with "U"

  • Ubika (Meaning of Ubika is: Growth)
  • Ucchal (Meaning of Ucchal is: Perception)
  • Udantika (Meaning of Udantika is: Satisfaction)
  • Udgita (Meaning of Udgita is: A hymn)
  • Udichi (Meaning of Udichi is: One who grows with prosperity)
  • Udipti (Meaning of Udipti is: On fire)
  • Udita (Meaning of Udita is: Risen)
  • Udyati (Meaning of Udyati is: Elevated)
  • Ujhala (Meaning of Ujhala is: Light)
  • Ujvala (Meaning of Ujvala is: Bright; Lighted)
  • Ulka (Meaning of Ulka is: Free falling rocks)
  • Ullupi (Meaning of Ullupi is: Pretty face)
  • Ulrica (Meaning of Ulrica is: Power of the wolf)
  • Ulupya (Meaning of Ulupya is: Pretty face)
  • Uma (Meaning of Uma is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Umika (Meaning of Umika is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Unjali (Meaning of Unjali is: Blessing)
  • Unma (Meaning of Unma is: Joy)
  • Unnathi (Meaning of Unnathi is: Progress)
  • Unnati (Meaning of Unnati is: Progress)
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