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Female Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Shraddha (Meaning of Shraddha is: Faith;Very attentive person)
  • Shramidhi (Meaning of Shramidhi is: Girl who likes to work hard and earn)
  • Shravani (Meaning of Shravani is: Born in the month of Shravan)
  • Shravya (Meaning of Shravya is: Musical tone)
  • Shraya (Meaning of Shraya is: Shresth)
  • Shreema (Meaning of Shreema is: Prosperous)
  • Shreya (Meaning of Shreya is: Beautiful)
  • Shridula (Meaning of Shridula is: Blessing*)
  • Shridulla (Meaning of Shridulla is: Blessing)
  • Shrikama (Meaning of Shrikama is: Radha)
  • Shrila (Meaning of Shrila is: Beautiful)
  • Shrilaxmi (Meaning of Shrilaxmi is: Goddess Laxmi)
  • Shrimayi (Meaning of Shrimayi is: Fortunate)
  • Shrivali (Meaning of Shrivali is: Goddess Laxmi)
  • Shrividya (Meaning of Shrividya is: Goddess Durga)
  • Shriyadita (Meaning of Shriyadita is: Sun)
  • Shrusti (Meaning of Shrusti is: World)
  • Shruthi (Meaning of Shruthi is: Lyrics)
  • Shruti (Meaning of Shruti is: Having knowledge of scriptures)
  • Shubha (Meaning of Shubha is: Lucky for everybody)
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