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Female Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Sivani (Meaning of Sivani is: Parvathi the wife of Shiva)
  • Siya (Meaning of Siya is: Sita*)
  • Siyona (Meaning of Siyona is: Graceful*)
  • Smarani (Meaning of Smarani is: Chanting)
  • Smera (Meaning of Smera is: Smily)
  • Smita (Meaning of Smita is: Ever smiling lady)
  • Smriti (Meaning of Smriti is: Active; Wish; Remembrance)
  • Smruti (Meaning of Smruti is: Memory)
  • Sneha (Meaning of Sneha is: Affection; Tenderness; Love)
  • Snehal (Meaning of Snehal is: Love; Bring love to people)
  • Snehi (Meaning of Snehi is: Friendly)
  • Snigda (Meaning of Snigda is: Affectionate)
  • Snikitha (Meaning of Snikitha is: Smiling face)
  • Sobaika (Meaning of Sobaika is: Gold)
  • Somna (Meaning of Somna is: Moonlight)
  • Sonakshi (Meaning of Sonakshi is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Sonal (Meaning of Sonal is: Golden)
  • Sonali (Meaning of Sonali is: Golden)
  • Soneera (Meaning of Soneera is: Clean water)
  • Sonia (Meaning of Sonia is: Pretty Girl; Gold)
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