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Female Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Sonila (Meaning of Sonila is: Golden)
  • Sonita (Meaning of Sonita is: Young Sun)
  • Soraya (Meaning of Soraya is: Persian name meaning sun; Star)
  • Sowjanya (Meaning of Sowjanya is: Tender)
  • Spandana (Meaning of Spandana is: Motivation)
  • Spoorthy (Meaning of Spoorthy is: Inspiration)
  • Sprihi (Meaning of Sprihi is: Aspirant)
  • Sravya (Meaning of Sravya is: Melody)
  • Sreenidi (Meaning of Sreenidi is: Goddess of wealth*)
  • Sreya (Meaning of Sreya is: Beautiful; Excellent)
  • Srijani (Meaning of Srijani is: Creativity)
  • Srilatha (Meaning of Srilatha is: Wealth creeper)
  • Srisha (Meaning of Srisha is: Flower)
  • Srushti (Meaning of Srushti is: Universe*)
  • Sruthi (Meaning of Sruthi is: "Hearing,knowledge of vedas")
  • Stefna (Meaning of Stefna is: Brilliant*)
  • Stuti (Meaning of Stuti is: Goddess Durga)
  • Subhadra (Meaning of Subhadra is: Goddess Durga)
  • Subhashini (Meaning of Subhashini is: Nice girl)
  • Subhasini (Meaning of Subhasini is: Softspoken)
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