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Male Baby Names Starting with "A"

  • Amulaya (Meaning of Amulaya is: Invaluable)
  • Anadi (Meaning of Anadi is: Eternal)
  • Anal (Meaning of Anal is: Fire)
  • Anand (Meaning of Anand is: joy)
  • Anang (Meaning of Anang is: Formless)
  • Anant (Meaning of Anant is: Joyful)
  • Ananyo (Meaning of Ananyo is: Solo)
  • Anas (Meaning of Anas is: A group of people)
  • Anay (Meaning of Anay is: Radha's husband)
  • Anees (Meaning of Anees is: Close friend)
  • Aneesh (Meaning of Aneesh is: Supreme)
  • Anek (Meaning of Anek is: Many)
  • Anesh (Meaning of Anesh is: Smart One)
  • Angad (Meaning of Angad is: Powerful)
  • Angaj (Meaning of Angaj is: Son)
  • Anik (Meaning of Anik is: Soilder)
  • Anikait (Meaning of Anikait is: Lord of the World)
  • Aniketh (Meaning of Aniketh is: Lord of all)
  • Anil (Meaning of Anil is: God of Wind)
  • Animesh (Meaning of Animesh is: Bright)
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