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Male Baby Names Starting with "I"

  • Inas (Meaning of Inas is: Capable)
  • Inderbir (Meaning of Inderbir is: Lord of bravery)
  • Inderjeet (Meaning of Inderjeet is: God's triumph)
  • Inderpreet (Meaning of Inderpreet is: Love for god)
  • Indivar (Meaning of Indivar is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Indra (Meaning of Indra is: God of the skies)
  • Indrajit (Meaning of Indrajit is: Victor over Indra)
  • Indraneel (Meaning of Indraneel is: Turquoise)
  • Indravadan (Meaning of Indravadan is: Lord Indra's name)
  • Indumal (Meaning of Indumal is: Lord Shiva)
  • Inoday (Meaning of Inoday is: Sunrise)
  • Inshaf (Meaning of Inshaf is: Equity)
  • Ipil (Meaning of Ipil is: Stars)
  • Iraj (Meaning of Iraj is: Lord Hanuman)
  • Iravan (Meaning of Iravan is: King of ocean)
  • Iravat (Meaning of Iravat is: Rain clouds)
  • Irenpreet (Meaning of Irenpreet is: Loving)
  • Irfaan (Meaning of Irfaan is: Thankfulness)
  • Is-han (Meaning of Is-han is: A Prophet's name)
  • Isaam (Meaning of Isaam is: Safeguard)
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