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Female Baby Names Starting with "I"

  • Inika (Meaning of Inika is: Small Earth)
  • Intisaar (Meaning of Intisaar is: Triumph)
  • Inu (Meaning of Inu is: Attractive)
  • Ira (Meaning of Ira is: Earth; Saraswati)
  • Iraja (Meaning of Iraja is: Wind's daughter)
  • Iram (Meaning of Iram is: Garden in paradise / eden)
  • Iris (Meaning of Iris is: Rainbow)
  • Irit (Meaning of Irit is: Daffodil)
  • Isha (Meaning of Isha is: Goddess Durga)
  • Ishana (Meaning of Ishana is: Goddess Durga)
  • Ishani (Meaning of Ishani is: Goddess Durga)
  • Ishanvi (Meaning of Ishanvi is: Parvathi)
  • Ishita (Meaning of Ishita is: Superior)
  • Ishwarya (Meaning of Ishwarya is: God's prosperity)
  • Ishya (Meaning of Ishya is: Spring)
  • Itkila (Meaning of Itkila is: Fragrant)
  • Iyla (Meaning of Iyla is: Moonlight)
  • Izdihaar (Meaning of Izdihaar is: Flourishing; Blossoming)
  • Izna (Meaning of Izna is: Light)
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