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Male Baby Names Starting with "S"

  • Saman (Meaning of Saman is: Calming song of praise)
  • Samant (Meaning of Samant is: Universal whole)
  • Samay (Meaning of Samay is: Time)
  • Sambudh (Meaning of Sambudh is: Wise prudent*)
  • Samdarshi (Meaning of Samdarshi is: Lord Krishna)
  • Sameep (Meaning of Sameep is: Nearby)
  • Sameer (Meaning of Sameer is: Early morning fragrance;Wind)
  • Samen (Meaning of Samen is: Happy)
  • Sami (Meaning of Sami is: High)
  • Samik (Meaning of Samik is: Peaceful)
  • Samin (Meaning of Samin is: Self-disciplined)
  • Sammad (Meaning of Sammad is: Joy)
  • Sampavan (Meaning of Sampavan is: Pure)
  • Samprad (Meaning of Samprad is: Culture)
  • Samraj (Meaning of Samraj is: Universal ruler)
  • Samrath (Meaning of Samrath is: Lord Krishna)
  • Samyak (Meaning of Samyak is: Praise)
  • Sanal (Meaning of Sanal is: Vigorous)
  • Sanat (Meaning of Sanat is: Lord Brahma)
  • Sanath (Meaning of Sanath is: With a protector)
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