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Male Baby Names Starting with "P"

  • Prasad (Meaning of Prasad is: Devtional offering)
  • Prasanna (Meaning of Prasanna is: Lord Venkateswara)
  • Prasenjit (Meaning of Prasenjit is: A king in epics)
  • Prashant (Meaning of Prashant is: Cool; Peaceful)
  • Prashray (Meaning of Prashray is: Love; Respect)
  • Prasit (Meaning of Prasit is: First ray of the winter sun)
  • Pratha (Meaning of Pratha is: Trend; Custom)
  • Pratham (Meaning of Pratham is: First)
  • Prathamesh (Meaning of Prathamesh is: Lord Ganesh)
  • Prathyush (Meaning of Prathyush is: Dawn)
  • Pratik (Meaning of Pratik is: Symbol)
  • Pratim (Meaning of Pratim is: Sunlight)
  • Pravin (Meaning of Pravin is: Expert; Skilled)
  • Preetham (Meaning of Preetham is: Love)
  • Prem (Meaning of Prem is: Love)
  • Premal (Meaning of Premal is: Loving)
  • Princy (Meaning of Princy is: Prince like)
  • Pritam (Meaning of Pritam is: Lover; Darling; Loved one)
  • Pritesh (Meaning of Pritesh is: Lord of love)
  • Prithish Prithish (Meaning of Prithish Prithish is: Lord of the world)
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