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Male Baby Names Starting with "J"

  • Jamesh (Meaning of Jamesh is: Lord Of men)
  • Jamil (Meaning of Jamil is: Handsome)
  • Janak (Meaning of Janak is: Father Of Sita)
  • Janardan (Meaning of Janardan is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Janesh (Meaning of Janesh is: The king of his kundli)
  • Janu (Meaning of Janu is: Soul, Life Force)
  • Japesh (Meaning of Japesh is: Lord Shiva)
  • Jasbir (Meaning of Jasbir is: Brave; Hero)
  • Jashith (Meaning of Jashith is: Protector)
  • Jaskaran (Meaning of Jaskaran is: Good deeds)
  • Jason (Meaning of Jason is: Mythical leader)
  • Jaspal (Meaning of Jaspal is: Lord Krishna)
  • Jasraj (Meaning of Jasraj is: Lord of Fames)
  • Jasvinder (Meaning of Jasvinder is: Lord's glory)
  • Jaswant (Meaning of Jaswant is: Victorious; Worthy of praise)
  • Jatan (Meaning of Jatan is: Nurturing)
  • Jatin (Meaning of Jatin is: Lord Shiva)
  • Javed (Meaning of Javed is: Immortal)
  • Javesh (Meaning of Javesh is: Related to god)
  • Jawad (Meaning of Jawad is: Openhanded)
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