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Male Baby Names Starting with "G"

  • Ghanashyam (Meaning of Ghanashyam is: Lord Krishna)
  • Ghanshyam (Meaning of Ghanshyam is: Dark Cloud)
  • Ghasaan (Meaning of Ghasaan is: Old Arabic name)
  • Ghiyaath (Meaning of Ghiyaath is: Succorer)
  • Gian (Meaning of Gian is: Master of knowledge)
  • Girdhari (Meaning of Girdhari is: Lord Krishna)
  • Giri (Meaning of Giri is: Mount)
  • Giridhar (Meaning of Giridhar is: Lord Krishna; Holder of the mo)
  • Girik (Meaning of Girik is: Lord Shiva)
  • Girilal (Meaning of Girilal is: Lord Shiva)
  • Girindra (Meaning of Girindra is: Lord Shiva)
  • Giriraj (Meaning of Giriraj is: God of the mountains)
  • Girish (Meaning of Girish is: Lord Krishan)
  • Girivar (Meaning of Girivar is: Lord Krishna)
  • Gitesh (Meaning of Gitesh is: Lord of geet)
  • Glyn (Meaning of Glyn is: Valley)
  • Gogula (Meaning of Gogula is: Lord Krishna)
  • Gopal (Meaning of Gopal is: Lord Krishna)
  • Gopesh (Meaning of Gopesh is: Lord Krishna)
  • Gopi (Meaning of Gopi is: Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna)
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