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Male Baby Names Starting with "G"

  • Goral (Meaning of Goral is: Lovable)
  • Gorav (Meaning of Gorav is: Lord Shiva)
  • Goshanra (Meaning of Goshanra is: Lord Vengadasalabathi)
  • Goutheesh (Meaning of Goutheesh is: Wisdom)
  • Govinda (Meaning of Govinda is: Lord Krishna)
  • Govindaraj (Meaning of Govindaraj is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Gresshma (Meaning of Gresshma is: Summer)
  • Grishm (Meaning of Grishm is: Heat)
  • Gul (Meaning of Gul is: Flower)
  • Gulshan (Meaning of Gulshan is: Garden of Flowers)
  • Gunaja (Meaning of Gunaja is: Virtuous maiden)
  • Gunin (Meaning of Gunin is: Virtuous)
  • Gunvansh (Meaning of Gunvansh is: Good qualities)
  • Gunvant (Meaning of Gunvant is: Virtuous)
  • Gurdeep (Meaning of Gurdeep is: Light from the Guru)
  • Gurjas (Meaning of Gurjas is: Fame of Lord)
  • Gurman (Meaning of Gurman is: Heart of Guru)
  • Gurpreet (Meaning of Gurpreet is: The loved one of the Guru or G)
  • Gurudatt (Meaning of Gurudatt is: Bestowed by a Guru)
  • Gurvinder (Meaning of Gurvinder is: Guru)
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