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Female Baby Names Starting with "N"

  • Najya (Meaning of Najya is: Victorious)
  • Nakshatra (Meaning of Nakshatra is: Pearl)
  • Nakti (Meaning of Nakti is: Night)
  • Nalika (Meaning of Nalika is: Lotus)
  • Nalini (Meaning of Nalini is: Lotus)
  • Namaha (Meaning of Namaha is: Respect)
  • Namita (Meaning of Namita is: Humble)
  • Namrata (Meaning of Namrata is: Politeness)
  • Namya (Meaning of Namya is: Worthy of honour)
  • Nanaki (Meaning of Nanaki is: Sister of Nanaka)
  • Nancy (Meaning of Nancy is: God's flavour)
  • Nandi (Meaning of Nandi is: Goddess Durga)
  • Nandika (Meaning of Nandika is: Lakshmi)
  • Nandini (Meaning of Nandini is: Goddess Durga)
  • Nandita (Meaning of Nandita is: Cheerful)
  • Nanma (Meaning of Nanma is: Goodness)
  • Narayani (Meaning of Narayani is: God*)
  • Nargis (Meaning of Nargis is: A fragrant flower)
  • Nashida (Meaning of Nashida is: Student)
  • Nashita (Meaning of Nashita is: Energetic and full of life)
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