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Female Baby Names Starting with "N"

  • Neelima (Meaning of Neelima is: Blue sky)
  • Neelkamal (Meaning of Neelkamal is: Blue lotus Neena)
  • Neepa (Meaning of Neepa is: A flower)
  • Neeraja (Meaning of Neeraja is: Lotus)
  • Neeru (Meaning of Neeru is: Light)
  • Neeta (Meaning of Neeta is: Within Rules)
  • Neha (Meaning of Neha is: Loving)
  • Neharika (Meaning of Neharika is: Dew Drops)
  • Nesayem (Meaning of Nesayem is: Flower)
  • Netra (Meaning of Netra is: Eyes)
  • Niamh (Meaning of Niamh is: Tradition)
  • Nida (Meaning of Nida is: Call )
  • Nidhi (Meaning of Nidhi is: Wealth)
  • Nidhipa (Meaning of Nidhipa is: Treasure Lord)
  • Niharika (Meaning of Niharika is: The girl who is admired by looking itself)
  • Nikara (Meaning of Nikara is: Collection)
  • Nikita (Meaning of Nikita is: Earth; Ganges)
  • Nikitha (Meaning of Nikitha is: The earth)
  • Nikki (Meaning of Nikki is: Small)
  • Nilambari (Meaning of Nilambari is: Clothed in blue)
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