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Female Baby Names Starting with "D"

  • Dhanvi (Meaning of Dhanvi is: Money)
  • Dhanya (Meaning of Dhanya is: Thankful; Lucky)
  • Dhara (Meaning of Dhara is: Earth; Flow)
  • Dharini (Meaning of Dharini is: Earth)
  • Dharitri (Meaning of Dharitri is: The earth)
  • Dharmista (Meaning of Dharmista is: Lord in dharma)
  • Dharti (Meaning of Dharti is: Earth)
  • Dharuna (Meaning of Dharuna is: Supporting)
  • Dhatri (Meaning of Dhatri is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Dheeptha (Meaning of Dheeptha is: Goddess Lakshmi)
  • Dhriti (Meaning of Dhriti is: Patience)
  • Dhruti (Meaning of Dhruti is: Motion)
  • Dhruvi (Meaning of Dhruvi is: Firm)
  • Dhruvika (Meaning of Dhruvika is: Firmly fixed)
  • Dhuha (Meaning of Dhuha is: Forenoon)
  • Dhvani (Meaning of Dhvani is: Sound)
  • Dhwani (Meaning of Dhwani is: Melody; Music)
  • Dhyana (Meaning of Dhyana is: Meditation)
  • Diksha (Meaning of Diksha is: Initiation)
  • Dilani Dilan (Meaning of Dilani Dilan is: Son of the sea)
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