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Female Baby Names Starting with "D"

  • Dimple (Meaning of Dimple is: Dimples)
  • Dipali (Meaning of Dipali is: Lamps)
  • Dipashri (Meaning of Dipashri is: Lamp)
  • Dipti (Meaning of Dipti is: Brightness)
  • Disha (Meaning of Disha is: Direction; Side)
  • Dishi (Meaning of Dishi is: Direction)
  • Dishika (Meaning of Dishika is: Direction)
  • Dishita (Meaning of Dishita is: Focus)
  • Diti (Meaning of Diti is: Idea)
  • Diva (Meaning of Diva is: Goddess Singer)
  • Divya (Meaning of Divya is: Divine power; Divine lustre)
  • Divyana (Meaning of Divyana is: Divine)
  • Divyata (Meaning of Divyata is: Divine lights)
  • Diya (Meaning of Diya is: Lamp)
  • Dolon (Meaning of Dolon is: Scent of a beautiful white flower)
  • Drishti (Meaning of Drishti is: Sight)
  • Dristi (Meaning of Dristi is: Eyesight)
  • Drithi (Meaning of Drithi is: Patience)
  • Druti (Meaning of Druti is: Softened)
  • Durga (Meaning of Durga is: A goddess)
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