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Female Baby Names Starting with "V"

  • Vimla (Meaning of Vimla is: Clean)
  • Vimple (Meaning of Vimple is: Loved one)
  • Vina (Meaning of Vina is: Musical instument)
  • Vinanti (Meaning of Vinanti is: Request)
  • Vinati (Meaning of Vinati is: Prayer)
  • Vinaya (Meaning of Vinaya is: Humble)
  • Vini (Meaning of Vini is: Rukmani)
  • Vinita (Meaning of Vinita is: Knowledge; modest; venus)
  • Vinutha (Meaning of Vinutha is: Exceptionally new)
  • Vipasha (Meaning of Vipasha is: Old name of the river Vyas)
  • Vipra (Meaning of Vipra is: Moon)
  • Virika (Meaning of Virika is: Bravery)
  • Vishaka (Meaning of Vishaka is: Stars)
  • Vishakha (Meaning of Vishakha is: A star; Branched)
  • Vishalakshi (Meaning of Vishalakshi is: Goddess Durga)
  • Vishalya (Meaning of Vishalya is: Painless)
  • Vishva (Meaning of Vishva is: World)
  • Vishwaja (Meaning of Vishwaja is: Earth)
  • Vismaya (Meaning of Vismaya is: Surprise)
  • Vismita (Meaning of Vismita is: Wonderment; Amazement)
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