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Female Baby Names Starting with "V"

  • Vistarini (Meaning of Vistarini is: A goddess)
  • Vithika (Meaning of Vithika is: Pathway)
  • Viti (Meaning of Viti is: Light)
  • Vivekka (Meaning of Vivekka is: Intelligent and witty)
  • Vividha (Meaning of Vividha is: Strange)
  • Vrindaa (Meaning of Vrindaa is: Tulsi)
  • Vrishali (Meaning of Vrishali is: Karana's wife in the Mahabharata)
  • Vrishti (Meaning of Vrishti is: Rain)
  • Vritee (Meaning of Vritee is: Nature; Behaviour)
  • Vritika (Meaning of Vritika is: Thought)
  • Vyanjana (Meaning of Vyanjana is: The finest meaning of a word)
  • Vyomini (Meaning of Vyomini is: Divine)
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Female Baby Names by Letter

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