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Female Baby Names Starting with "M"

  • Mansha (Meaning of Mansha is: Wish)
  • Mansi (Meaning of Mansi is: Woman)
  • Mantha Mantha (Meaning of Mantha Mantha is: Another name for the sun)
  • Mantra (Meaning of Mantra is: Hymns; Holy chants)
  • Manya (Meaning of Manya is: Worthy of honour)
  • Margi (Meaning of Margi is: Traveller)
  • Marta (Meaning of Marta is: Lady)
  • Masum (Meaning of Masum is: innocent*)
  • Masumi (Meaning of Masumi is: Innocence)
  • Mausam (Meaning of Mausam is: Season)
  • Mausami (Meaning of Mausami is: Seasonal)
  • Mawiya (Meaning of Mawiya is: Old Arabic name)
  • Maya (Meaning of Maya is: lllusion)
  • Maysaa (Meaning of Maysaa is: To walk with a swinging gait)
  • Maysoon (Meaning of Maysoon is: Of beautiful face and body)
  • Mayuri (Meaning of Mayuri is: Pea-hen)
  • Mayurika (Meaning of Mayurika is: Baby peahen)
  • Mayyada (Meaning of Mayyada is: To walk with a swinging gaii)
  • Medha (Meaning of Medha is: Goddess Saraswati)
  • Medini (Meaning of Medini is: Earth)
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