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Female Baby Names Starting with "M"

  • Mini (Meaning of Mini is: Small)
  • Minimol (Meaning of Minimol is: Small daughter*)
  • Mira (Meaning of Mira is: Cloud)
  • Miraya (Meaning of Miraya is: Lord Krishna's devotee)
  • Misha (Meaning of Misha is: Smile)
  • Mishka (Meaning of Mishka is: Gift of love)
  • Mita (Meaning of Mita is: Friend)
  • Mitali (Meaning of Mitali is: Friendly)
  • Mithra (Meaning of Mithra is: Friend)
  • Mittali (Meaning of Mittali is: Friendship)
  • Mohita (Meaning of Mohita is: Attracted)
  • Moksha (Meaning of Moksha is: Liberation)
  • Moksin (Meaning of Moksin is: Free)
  • Monal (Meaning of Monal is: Bird)
  • Monalisa (Meaning of Monalisa is: Noble)
  • Monisha (Meaning of Monisha is: Intellectual)
  • Mouli (Meaning of Mouli is: Sacred thread*)
  • Mridu (Meaning of Mridu is: Gentle)
  • Mridula (Meaning of Mridula is: An ideal woman)
  • Mrinali (Meaning of Mrinali is: Lotus stem)
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