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Female Baby Names Starting with "M"

  • Mamta (Meaning of Mamta is: Motherly love)
  • Mana (Meaning of Mana is: Supernatural power)
  • Manaal (Meaning of Manaal is: Attainment; Achievement)
  • Manaar (Meaning of Manaar is: Guiding light)
  • Manali (Meaning of Manali is: Bird)
  • Manasa (Meaning of Manasa is: Devi's name in Hardwar Rishikesh)
  • Manasi (Meaning of Manasi is: Mother Goddess)
  • Manavi (Meaning of Manavi is: Wife of manu; Daughter of man)
  • Manda (Meaning of Manda is: A river)
  • Mandakini (Meaning of Mandakini is: A river)
  • Mandara (Meaning of Mandara is: Slow)
  • Mandavi (Meaning of Mandavi is: Wife of Bharat)
  • Mandira (Meaning of Mandira is: Melody)
  • Manika (Meaning of Manika is: Jewel)
  • Manini (Meaning of Manini is: Self respected)
  • Manisha (Meaning of Manisha is: Desire; Wish)
  • Manju (Meaning of Manju is: Pleasant)
  • Manjula (Meaning of Manjula is: Lovely; Soft; Charming)
  • Manjushri (Meaning of Manjushri is: Goddess Laxmi)
  • Manna (Meaning of Manna is: Heavenly)
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