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Female Baby Names Starting with "M"

  • Mahi (Meaning of Mahi is: The world)
  • Mahika (Meaning of Mahika is: Earth)
  • Mahima (Meaning of Mahima is: Glorious)
  • Mahiya (Meaning of Mahiya is: Joy)
  • Mahtab (Meaning of Mahtab is: Moon)
  • Maina (Meaning of Maina is: A bird)
  • Maisa (Meaning of Maisa is: Walking with proud swinging gait)
  • Maitreyi (Meaning of Maitreyi is: A wise woman)
  • Majeeda (Meaning of Majeeda is: Glorious)
  • Majida (Meaning of Majida is: Glorious)
  • Makali (Meaning of Makali is: The moon)
  • Makshita (Meaning of Makshita is: Honey)
  • Mala (Meaning of Mala is: String)
  • Malak (Meaning of Malak is: Angel)
  • Malav (Meaning of Malav is: The earth)
  • Malika (Meaning of Malika is: Flower)
  • Malini (Meaning of Malini is: Fragrant)
  • Malka (Meaning of Malka is: Queen)
  • Malli (Meaning of Malli is: Flower)
  • Malti (Meaning of Malti is: Moonlight)
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