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Male Baby Names Starting with "B"

  • Basel (Meaning of Basel is: Brave)
  • Bashaar (Meaning of Bashaar is: Bringer of glad tidings)
  • Bashir (Meaning of Bashir is: Propitious)
  • Batuk (Meaning of Batuk is: Boy)
  • Bhagirath (Meaning of Bhagirath is: A pious king)
  • Bhagyaraj (Meaning of Bhagyaraj is: Lord of faith)
  • Bhairav (Meaning of Bhairav is: Lord of Shiva)
  • Bharat (Meaning of Bharat is: Lord Rama's Brother)
  • Bharddwaj (Meaning of Bharddwaj is: A Saga)
  • Bhargav (Meaning of Bhargav is: Lord Shiva)
  • Bhartesh (Meaning of Bhartesh is: King of Bharat)
  • Bhaskar (Meaning of Bhaskar is: Sun)
  • Bhaumik (Meaning of Bhaumik is: Earthly)
  • Bhav (Meaning of Bhav is: Lord Shiva)
  • Bhavesh (Meaning of Bhavesh is: Lord Shiva)
  • Bhavik (Meaning of Bhavik is: God's devotee)
  • Bhavishya (Meaning of Bhavishya is: Future)
  • Bhavya (Meaning of Bhavya is: Name of God)
  • Bheru (Meaning of Bheru is: Friend)
  • Bhishma (Meaning of Bhishma is: Teacher of Kauravas)
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