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Male Baby Names Starting with "B"

  • Balraj (Meaning of Balraj is: King)
  • Balram (Meaning of Balram is: The Lord Krishna's Brother)
  • Balveer (Meaning of Balveer is: Powerful)
  • Balvinder (Meaning of Balvinder is: Strong)
  • Balvindra (Meaning of Balvindra is: Strong)
  • Balwan (Meaning of Balwan is: Stronge Man)
  • Banaj (Meaning of Banaj is: Lotus)
  • Banbihari (Meaning of Banbihari is: Lord Krishna)
  • Bandhu (Meaning of Bandhu is: Helper)
  • Bandish (Meaning of Bandish is: Binding)
  • Banke (Meaning of Banke is: Lord Krishna)
  • Bankebihari (Meaning of Bankebihari is: Lord Krishna)
  • Bansi (Meaning of Bansi is: Flute)
  • Banwari (Meaning of Banwari is: Lord Krishna)
  • Baran (Meaning of Baran is: Noble Person)
  • Barindra (Meaning of Barindra is: The ocean)
  • Barsaat (Meaning of Barsaat is: Welcome Rain)
  • Barun (Meaning of Barun is: Lord Of sea)
  • Basaam (Meaning of Basaam is: Smiling)
  • Basant (Meaning of Basant is: Spring)
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