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Male Baby Names Starting with "B"

  • Birju (Meaning of Birju is: Nice Singer)
  • Bisaj (Meaning of Bisaj is: Lotus)
  • Bishanpal (Meaning of Bishanpal is: Raised God)
  • Bisujaksha (Meaning of Bisujaksha is: Lord Of Vishnu)
  • Biswajit (Meaning of Biswajit is: Conquerer of the world)
  • Brahamjeet (Meaning of Brahamjeet is: God's triumph)
  • Brandon (Meaning of Brandon is: Broom covered hill)
  • Brent (Meaning of Brent is: Top Hills)
  • Brijesh (Meaning of Brijesh is: Lord Krishna)
  • Brijraj (Meaning of Brijraj is: The one who rules the nature)
  • Brirar (Meaning of Brirar is: Without Pains)
  • Bryn (Meaning of Bryn is: Hills)
  • Budhil (Meaning of Budhil is: Learned)
  • Bunny (Meaning of Bunny is: Cute like rabbit)
  • Burhaan (Meaning of Burhaan is: Proof)
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