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Male Baby Names Starting with "B"

  • Bhisma (Meaning of Bhisma is: Forbidding)
  • Bhudhav (Meaning of Bhudhav is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Bhuman (Meaning of Bhuman is: Earth)
  • Bhumin (Meaning of Bhumin is: Son of the earth)
  • Bhupad (Meaning of Bhupad is: Firm)
  • Bhupal (Meaning of Bhupal is: King)
  • Bhupati (Meaning of Bhupati is: God Of Earth)
  • Bhupendra (Meaning of Bhupendra is: Emperor)
  • Bhushan (Meaning of Bhushan is: Adornment)
  • Bhuvan (Meaning of Bhuvan is: Palace)
  • Bhuvanesh (Meaning of Bhuvanesh is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Bibek (Meaning of Bibek is: Conscience)
  • Bigul (Meaning of Bigul is: Musical Instrument)
  • Bijoyanada (Meaning of Bijoyanada is: Sucess in every where)
  • Bimal (Meaning of Bimal is: Pure)
  • Bimb (Meaning of Bimb is: Halo)
  • Bindusar (Meaning of Bindusar is: Son of Ashok)
  • Bir (Meaning of Bir is: Courageous)
  • Birbal (Meaning of Birbal is: Brave heart)
  • Birendra (Meaning of Birendra is: King of Warriors)
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