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Female Baby Names Starting with "B"

  • Beli Bela (Meaning of Beli Bela is: Time; Creeper)
  • Belli (Meaning of Belli is: Silver)
  • Bhadra (Meaning of Bhadra is: Good)
  • Bhagwanti (Meaning of Bhagwanti is: Lucky)
  • Bhagwati (Meaning of Bhagwati is: Goddess Durga)
  • Bhagyawati (Meaning of Bhagyawati is: Lucky)
  • Bhairavi (Meaning of Bhairavi is: Goddess Durga; Musical notes)
  • Bhakti (Meaning of Bhakti is: Prayer)
  • Bhamini (Meaning of Bhamini is: Lady)
  • Bhanu (Meaning of Bhanu is: Sun; Fame)
  • Bhanumati (Meaning of Bhanumati is: Famous)
  • Bhanuni (Meaning of Bhanuni is: Charming woman)
  • Bhanupriya (Meaning of Bhanupriya is: The Sun's beloved)
  • Bharati (Meaning of Bharati is: Goddess Saraswati)
  • Bharavi (Meaning of Bharavi is: Radiant sun*)
  • Bhaumi (Meaning of Bhaumi is: Goddess sita)
  • Bhavana (Meaning of Bhavana is: Feeling*)
  • Bhavi Bhavani (Meaning of Bhavi Bhavani is: Goddess Parvati)
  • Bhavika (Meaning of Bhavika is: Cheerful expression)
  • Bhavini (Meaning of Bhavini is: Emotional)
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