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Female Baby Names Starting with "B"

  • Bhavisha (Meaning of Bhavisha is: Future*)
  • Bhawna (Meaning of Bhawna is: Feelings)
  • Bhooma (Meaning of Bhooma is: Earth*)
  • Bhumika (Meaning of Bhumika is: Earth)
  • Bhuvana (Meaning of Bhuvana is: Goddess of earth)
  • Bijli (Meaning of Bijli is: Lightening)
  • Bimala (Meaning of Bimala is: Pure)
  • Bina (Meaning of Bina is: Melodious)
  • Bindu (Meaning of Bindu is: Point)
  • Binoy (Meaning of Binoy is: Vinayta; Softness*)
  • Bipasha (Meaning of Bipasha is: River)
  • Blessy (Meaning of Blessy is: Blessing)
  • Bodhi (Meaning of Bodhi is: Enlightenment)
  • Brinda (Meaning of Brinda is: Radha)
  • Brishti (Meaning of Brishti is: Rain)
  • Bubby (Meaning of Bubby is: My beloved)
  • Bulbul (Meaning of Bulbul is: Nightingale)
  • Bushra (Meaning of Bushra is: Good omen)
  • Buthayna (Meaning of Buthayna is: Of beautiful and tender body)
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