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Female Baby Names Starting with "P"

  • Pernita (Meaning of Pernita is: Answered prayer)
  • Petal (Meaning of Petal is: Petal)
  • Pia (Meaning of Pia is: Italian name)
  • Pinakini (Meaning of Pinakini is: Bow shaped)
  • Pingla (Meaning of Pingla is: Goddess Durga)
  • Pooja (Meaning of Pooja is: Prayer)
  • Poonam (Meaning of Poonam is: Full moon)
  • Poorna (Meaning of Poorna is: Complete)
  • Poornakamala (Meaning of Poornakamala is: A blooming lotus)
  • Poornima (Meaning of Poornima is: Full moon)
  • Poulomi (Meaning of Poulomi is: Indra's second wife)
  • Prabha (Meaning of Prabha is: Light)
  • Prachi (Meaning of Prachi is: East)
  • Prachita (Meaning of Prachita is: Intelligent; The soul)
  • Pradnya (Meaning of Pradnya is: Wisdom; Buddhi)
  • Pragalbha (Meaning of Pragalbha is: Goddess Durga)
  • Pragati (Meaning of Pragati is: Progress)
  • Pragna (Meaning of Pragna is: Knowledge)
  • Pragya (Meaning of Pragya is: Wisdom)
  • Prajakta (Meaning of Prajakta is: Fragnant flower)
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