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Female Baby Names Starting with "P"

  • Priti (Meaning of Priti is: Love)
  • Pritika (Meaning of Pritika is: Loved one)
  • Priya (Meaning of Priya is: Beloved)
  • Priyal (Meaning of Priyal is: Beloved)
  • Priyamvada (Meaning of Priyamvada is: Sweet tongued)
  • Promita (Meaning of Promita is: Idol)
  • Puja (Meaning of Puja is: Prayer)
  • Puji (Meaning of Puji is: Gentle)
  • Pujya (Meaning of Pujya is: Respectable)
  • Pulak (Meaning of Pulak is: A gem; Smile)
  • Punita (Meaning of Punita is: Holy)
  • Punya (Meaning of Punya is: Good work)
  • Puravi (Meaning of Puravi is: A rage)
  • Purnima (Meaning of Purnima is: Full Moon)
  • Purva (Meaning of Purva is: Elder; Breeze)
  • Purvi (Meaning of Purvi is: From the east)
  • Pusha (Meaning of Pusha is: Nourishing)
  • Pushpa (Meaning of Pushpa is: Flower)
  • Putana (Meaning of Putana is: Blowing hard; Demon)
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