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Female Baby Names Starting with "P"

  • Parina (Meaning of Parina is: Fairy)
  • Parineeta (Meaning of Parineeta is: Married woman)
  • Parinita (Meaning of Parinita is: Complete)
  • Parishi (Meaning of Parishi is: Like a fairy)
  • Parita (Meaning of Parita is: In each ditection)
  • Pariyat (Meaning of Pariyat is: Flower)
  • Parmita (Meaning of Parmita is: Wisdom)
  • Parnavi (Meaning of Parnavi is: A bird)
  • Parthavi (Meaning of Parthavi is: Goddess Sita)
  • Parul (Meaning of Parul is: "Graceful, Flow of Water)
  • Parvati (Meaning of Parvati is: Wife of Lord Shiv)
  • Parvini (Meaning of Parvini is: Festival)
  • Pasha (Meaning of Pasha is: A bond)
  • Pauravi (Meaning of Pauravi is: Descendant from Puru)
  • Pavaki (Meaning of Pavaki is: Goddess Saraswati)
  • Pavani (Meaning of Pavani is: Goddess Ganga)
  • Paveena (Meaning of Paveena is: "Freshness, purity)
  • Pavitra (Meaning of Pavitra is: Pure)
  • Payal (Meaning of Payal is: Anklets)
  • Pehr (Meaning of Pehr is: Phase)
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