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Female Baby Names Starting with "J"

  • Jumaana (Meaning of Jumaana is: Silver pearl)
  • Juniali (Meaning of Juniali is: Moon light)
  • Jyeshtha (Meaning of Jyeshtha is: Biggest)
  • Jyoshikha (Meaning of Jyoshikha is: A bud)
  • Jyothi (Meaning of Jyothi is: Light)
  • Jyothishmathi (Meaning of Jyothishmathi is: Goddess Durga)
  • Jyoti (Meaning of Jyoti is: Light; Brilliant)
  • Jyotsna (Meaning of Jyotsna is: Goddess Durga)
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Male Baby Names by Letter

Female Baby Names by Letter

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