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Male Baby Names Starting with "R"

  • Ravindra (Meaning of Ravindra is: Sun)
  • Ravish (Meaning of Ravish is: Sun)
  • Ravit (Meaning of Ravit is: Sun)
  • Ravoof (Meaning of Ravoof is: Slavery of love)
  • Renjith (Meaning of Renjith is: Victory)
  • Ricardo (Meaning of Ricardo is: Brave and strong)
  • Ricky (Meaning of Ricky is: Lucky)
  • Ridha (Meaning of Ridha is: Contentment)
  • Rikhil (Meaning of Rikhil is: "eternity,ETERNAL")
  • Rishabh (Meaning of Rishabh is: Superior)
  • Rishan (Meaning of Rishan is: Good human being)
  • Rishi (Meaning of Rishi is: A Sage)
  • Rishit (Meaning of Rishit is: The best)
  • Ritesh (Meaning of Ritesh is: Lord of truth)
  • Rithik (Meaning of Rithik is: Stream)
  • Riyaz (Meaning of Riyaz is: Practice)
  • Robin (Meaning of Robin is: A Bird)
  • Roger (Meaning of Roger is: Fame)
  • Rohan (Meaning of Rohan is: Ascending)
  • Rohinish (Meaning of Rohinish is: Moon)
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