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Male Baby Names Starting with "R"

  • Rohit (Meaning of Rohit is: Sun)
  • Rohtak (Meaning of Rohtak is: Sun)
  • Romir (Meaning of Romir is: Interesting)
  • Ruchit (Meaning of Ruchit is: Bright)
  • Rudra (Meaning of Rudra is: Lord Shiva)
  • Rudraksh (Meaning of Rudraksh is: Fierce eyed)
  • Rukminesh (Meaning of Rukminesh is: Lord Krishna)
  • Rupang (Meaning of Rupang is: Beautiful)
  • Rupesh (Meaning of Rupesh is: Lord of the form)
  • Rupeshwar (Meaning of Rupeshwar is: Lord of the form)
  • Rushi (Meaning of Rushi is: Saint)
  • Rushil (Meaning of Rushil is: Charming)
  • Rutesh (Meaning of Rutesh is: Kind of seasons)
  • Rutva (Meaning of Rutva is: Speech)
  • Rwiju (Meaning of Rwiju is: Straight; Erected)
  • Ryan (Meaning of Ryan is: Descendant of Rian; King)
  • Rydle (Meaning of Rydle is: Horse rider)
  • Ryna (Meaning of Ryna is: King)
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