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Male Baby Names Starting with "R"

  • Rajas (Meaning of Rajas is: Silvery)
  • Rajat (Meaning of Rajat is: Courage)
  • Rajdeep (Meaning of Rajdeep is: Best of Kings)
  • Rajeet (Meaning of Rajeet is: Decorated)
  • Rajeev (Meaning of Rajeev is: Lotus)
  • Rajender (Meaning of Rajender is: Lord of Kings)
  • Rajendra (Meaning of Rajendra is: King of Gods;Lord Indra)
  • Rajesh (Meaning of Rajesh is: King)
  • Rajinder (Meaning of Rajinder is: Spontaneous)
  • Rajit (Meaning of Rajit is: Brilliant)
  • Rajnish (Meaning of Rajnish is: Moon)
  • Raju (Meaning of Raju is: Prosperity)
  • Rakesh (Meaning of Rakesh is: Moon)
  • Rakishi (Meaning of Rakishi is: Wide load)
  • Rakshan (Meaning of Rakshan is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Ram (Meaning of Ram is: Lord Vishnu)
  • Ramadut (Meaning of Ramadut is: Lord Hanuman)
  • Raman (Meaning of Raman is: Pleasing)
  • Ramandeep (Meaning of Ramandeep is: Absorbed in the light of Lord's love)
  • Ramdeep (Meaning of Ramdeep is: Lord Ram)
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