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Male Baby Names Starting with "R"

  • Ramesh (Meaning of Ramesh is: The preserver; Lord Vishnu)
  • Rana (Meaning of Rana is: Joy)
  • Ranadhira (Meaning of Ranadhira is: Patient in battle)
  • Ranajay (Meaning of Ranajay is: Victorious)
  • Randeep (Meaning of Randeep is: The hero of the battle)
  • Randhir (Meaning of Randhir is: Brave)
  • Ranjit (Meaning of Ranjit is: Victor)
  • Ranjiv (Meaning of Ranjiv is: Victorious)
  • Ranveer (Meaning of Ranveer is: Winner)
  • Rasbihari (Meaning of Rasbihari is: Lord Krishna)
  • Rashad (Meaning of Rashad is: Integrity of conduct)
  • Rashid (Meaning of Rashid is: Rightly guided)
  • Rasul (Meaning of Rasul is: Angel)
  • Ratan (Meaning of Ratan is: Gem)
  • Ratish (Meaning of Ratish is: Lord of love)
  • Ratnesh (Meaning of Ratnesh is: Lord of jewels)
  • Ratul (Meaning of Ratul is: Sweet;Interested)
  • Ravana (Meaning of Ravana is: The raksasa King of Lanka)
  • Ravi (Meaning of Ravi is: Sun)
  • Ravin (Meaning of Ravin is: Sun)
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